Executive Care, Seriousness and Enthusiasm


Experience, constant research and innovative thinking: this is our mission. Commercial dynamism, care for the environment and specialization are our hallmarks. All our products are always current and highly customized, fully satisfying our customers’ requests for a functional, ecological and appealing packaging.

We care about impeccable execution, top-quality professionalism in our work relationships and enthusiasm, in both our commercial and personal ethic – this is the reason why our products are chosen by either small shops or international fashion brands, all looking for sophisticated solutions or products that perfectly fit the message and the emotions they want to convey.

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Efficiency, Accuracy, Fast Delivery


We develop detailed product briefs and customized layouts in a very short time.


We develop tailor-made packaging for our customers by designing in every detail: sizes, materials, prints, finishes…


We entrust our production to the best companies in the industry, in Italy and abroad, building stable and durable relationships.


In accordance with the quality standards required by our customers and the market, we guarantee control activities of the production process.


Fast deliveries and constant monitoring of sea-to-air dispatches allow us to satisfy customer needs.

High Quality Custom Made Packaging Solutions at Competitive Prices

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Innovation, Research and Fantasy

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